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Modern Construction Techniques Applied with Old Fashioned Care
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As Old World Craftsmen has become a recognized award-winning brand in the area, more clients are coming to us in the early stages of project planning. Old World Craftsmen has teamed up with
Bello Architecture to take customers through the design phase all the way through construction. Here are some advantages of a design-build approach.

  • Designing to a Budget: Our Design-Build approach addresses a common challenge: an architect or designer may deliver a design that doesn’t fall within the client’s budget goals. This not only disappoints, but can delay the project while the design is re-worked and re-bid. We team with Bello Architecture to design to a target budget – so that once specified the project can be built meeting client budget goals.
  • Phased Commitment: At the front end, all you commit to is the design phase. At completion of the design phase, we provide a full, itemized construction proposal. This solves the age-old problem that the client can’t commit to a design until they have construction costs and the contractor cannot provide a firm price until the design is fully defined.
  • Teamwork: Our approach puts the architect, the builder and the client on the same team; focused on a shared vision for a successful and cost effective project – eliminating any potential for an adversarial relationship between architect and builder.
  • Value Engineering: Old World Craftsmen stays in touch with the latest products and advancements in mechanical system design and construction techniques. By being involved in the project from the start, we can maximize construction efficiency, reduce labor costs and ensure longevity of the final project.
  • Communication: Working as a team with our architect allows definition of products and specifications during the design phase – eliminating cost variables and ensuring a smooth handoff from the design phase to the construction phase.
  • Cost Efficiency: You can pay an architect to supervise your contractor, but our question is: Why does an experienced, meticulous builder need supervision? We have proven reputation for meticulous quality and construction management, and you eliminate the cost layer of hiring an architect for construction supervision.