Here’s a few of the ways that Old World Craftsmen has been implementing Green construction techniques on renovation and construction projects:

  • More and more of our customers have been taking advantage of our offering of soy based foam insulation, which provides a whole new level of insulation and air sealing.  Benefits include energy savings ($), temperature stability, higher air conditioning efficiency and reduction of mold and mildew problems. 

  • Prior to demolition, Old World Craftsmen salvages functioning appliances, cabinets and equipment whenever possible to be recycled by a non-profit organization called Green Demolitions.

  • We supply double glazed, thermally insulated windows with specialized coatings to decrease heat gain from solar radiation in summer and filled with argon gas to decrease thermal conduction in winter. All new windows and doors are fully weatherstripped to prevent convection heat loss. This means lower year round energy consumption.

  • Proper roof, attic and soffit venting is used to prevent heat buildup in attic and roof spaces, reducing cooling costs and harnessing natural convection air flow to cool your home and extend the life of your home’s infrastructure

  • We Install high efficiency heating and cooling equipment with high SEER ratings and sealed and insulated ductwork to minimize energy use and heat loss – keeping the heating and cooling where you want it.

  • Old World Craftsmen has been researching and providing expertise in upgrading lighting to LED technology, cutting lighting energy consumption by 80%.  Our owner reduced his electric bill by 50% overall by switching to LED in his home!

  • We have teamed up with Solar Energy experts to implement Solar Photovoltaic Energy systems as well as direct solar hot water heating.  Ask about how to become your own energy supplier!

  • Electrical systems are evaluated for potential energy conservation through the use of timers, dimmers, motion sensor, independent lighting control and high efficiency fixtures and Energy Star rated appliances.

  • Renewable and sustainable plantation grown pine, cedar and douglas fir make up the majority of wood used for our construction projects.   More and more clients are using polymer products for maintenance free sustainable exterior trim.  We present customers with eco-friendly and responsibly harvested options when choosing exotic wood species for special projects.

  • Dust control and quarantine of construction areas with proper dust barriers, exhaust ventilation, and air filtration during dusty operations preserves the air quality in your home during and after construction. Of course this means less mess too!

  • Plumbing pipes are insulated when they run through cold air spaces such as attics, crawlspaces and basements to minimize energy loss, prevent pipe freezing, and reduce the wait time for hot water at a sink or tub.

  • Advanced framing techniques to avoid wasted wood and unnecessary studs & members did you know that too much wood leaves less space for insulation and decreases the R-value of your exterior walls and roof? Saves trees and energy!

  • We use advanced low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) waterborne floor finishes and latex paints and solid colored stains. Custom cabinetry and woodwork finishing is done off-site whenever possible in controlled shop environments. All this preserves the air quality in your home and reduces air pollution.

Let us help you apply green building techniques to your project!